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Protect A Pan™ cookware covers are non toxic, made of natural fibers and are environmentally friendly. No worries as to what has touched your cooking surface while stored in your kitchen cabinet or drawer. Whether that might be from the bottom of another pan, dust, fingerprints, animal droppings or the residue of a synthetic protector. Protect A Pan™ keeps it the way you left it - clean!

  • Protects your investment, cookware will last longer with no need to frequently replace
  • Protects against dust and scratches
  • Eliminates worry about scratched non-stick coating in your food
  • Fits both pots and pans
  • One size fits all ­ S M L (6” to 12” or 15cm to 30cm wide)
  • Machine washable made of natural fibers
  • Creates more storage space, especially for small kitchens
  • Stack pots and pans without scratching your cooking surface
  • Great for campers, recreational vehicles, and boats. Eliminates that shake, rattle and roll while traveling
  • Decorative cover to enhance your kitchen design
  • Easy to use
  • Great Gift
  • Your cookware is ready to go! - all you have to do is remove your Protect A Pan™ and cook!

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