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I needed a housewarming gift for a newly-wed friend. I was excited upon discovering “Protect A Pan” pan covers. They have been a huge success and she immediately wanted to know where to buy more.
E. Lessem

My condo kitchen has limited space. I bought a few Protect A Pans and immediately had more room in my kitchen cupboard. Then I could take stuff off my kitchen counters and store them away in the extra kitchen cupboard space. Now I’d like more to use with my crystal and glass bowls. Thank you for making my kitchen condo feel more organized.
S. Henderson

I was delighted to find Protect A Pan cookware covers. It has always been annoying that the pans get scratched in storage. Now, I do not have to worry any more. I liked mine so much I purchased them for my children. They are also a great hostess gift that will really be used.
A. Resnick

Good pots and pans are an investment, and one never seems to have enough cupboard space to store them in. You can protect your investment and increase storage space so simply with Protect a Pan. It's such a good idea; I can't believe no one has thought of it before!
H. Ring

"I love them!! These are the most fabulous invention-and so simple to use. I now have a Protect a pan on all my pots and frying pans. Nothing gets scratched or chipped and my drawers are so neat and organized. With all the different fabrics and colours they are a hit as a hostess gift."
K. Blair

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