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How do I use my Protect A Pan™?
It’s easy to use. Just follow the instructions below
1. Insert pan handle through Protect A Pan™ hole
2. Pull elastic edge over opening of pan/pot
3. Secure around edge of pan/pot
4. Stack pots and pans without worry
5. Remember to remove your Protect A Pan™ before cooking

Does Protect A Pan™ make a good gift?
Perfect for stocking stuffers, house warming, Mother’s Day, wedding showers, etc. The perfect accessory for new cookware purchases or new homes.

How does the Protect A Pan™ create more kitchen cupboard storage space?
Protect A Pan™ creates kitchen storage solutions by organizing your kitchen into space saving pot and pan stacking. Best of all, Protect A Pan™ keeps your pots and pans the way you left them CLEAN and ready to use! No dust or fur balls on your cookware.

What about in RV's, boats, campers and mobile tiny houses?
Our customers love the way they maximize small storage spaces in RV's and boats, and especially appreciate that their pans don't "shake, rattle, and roll" when travelling with the pan covers are on.

What makes Protect A Pan™ unique, special and different?
Patented and trademarked, Protect A Pan™ was invented after many frustrating years of
ruining non stick cookware in kitchen cabinets and drawers. It is also the only product that fully covers the cooking surface and sides of your cookware. Made with a natural fabric where one size fits all pots and pans with openings from 6” to 12.5” or 15cm to 32cm wide.

Can I store my Protect A Pan™ in the drawer under the stove?
We advise to keep the Protect A Pan™ away from any direct or indirect heat source, or open
flame. Remember, don’t forget to remove your Protect A Pan™ before cooking.

Is Protect A Pan eco-friendly?
By reducing the number of discarded frying pans in landfill sites, and of course the wasted
paper towel between your frying pans that didn’t prevent scratching.

How do I wash my Protect A Pan™?
Machine wash cold and tumble dry warm. Or, if you choose you can hand wash and lay flat to dry.

What is Protect A Pan™ made out of?
Cotton and Lycra fabric