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Customer Reviews

Worth the investment. Fast shipping. I love your product and continue to give them
as gifts. Barbara M. Pensacola FL

I recommend these to all ALL-CLAD users to avoid scratches. These are fabulous! Rosemary R. King City, ON

What a terrific product. Wish I’d found them sooner. My pot drawer is now a
scratch free zone. Daniel D. Vancouver, BC

These are really great. My pans are happy. I have already purchased 10 of these
from you. I love them. I sacrificed one to my mother in Iowa. Now she wants some. Jackie J. Sycamore, IL

Love them! Very thick and durable…fits pots and pans nicely and stays in place. Pamela, D. Punxsutawney, PA

Great item for protecting expensive cookware. Brian C. Los Angeles, CA

A useful and intelligent product for my kitchen. Very happy. Gabino R. Miami FL

Arrived and on all my pots and pans. I now have much more space. Vicky M. Paris, FRANCE

Wow, product was of excellent quality. JL, Montgomery Village, MD

I use them for my frying pans and they cover nicely minus the very bottoms which
get damaged from the stove anyways! I love these little snuggies for my pans! Alaura, P. Houston TX

Outstanding transaction, protecting my swiss diamond pans. John A. Tulalip, WA

Very well made. Gayle B, Waxhaw, NC

The pan protectors work for my All Clad LTD2 set! Thank you! - Lee E. The Colony, TX

Wife loves them and it protects my investment. Thank you! Alex G. Hobart, IN

Fit my new anodized non-stick pans perfectly … I bought 2 more sets! Katherine F. Loveville, MD

If you have a valuable pan that you want to protect (e.g. high quality non-stick,
copper, etc) these are very worthwhile, although you can buy them in sets of 5 for a
slightly better price. I bought one for a DeBuyer Prima Matera 11-Inch Frypan, Copper, Stainless Steel. Very happy. Gaius B. Kansas City, KS

These will keep my Le Creuset looking like new! Rae L. Santa Monica, CA

Really happy with these- I will buy some more to protect my All Clads. Katherine W. Port Moody, BC

Loved these covers so much, I bought more. Thanks! Valerie R. Mars Hill, NC 

My small apartment kitchen just grew in space! Thanks! Kathleen O. Boston, MA

I love them. I use one on a 10-inch fry pan and one on an 11-inch square griddle.
Yes, it even fits on a square pan! I had been using kitchen towels between my
anodized aluminum pans to keep from scratching the finish, but the towels would
bunch up or have to be arranged properly to cover surface areas when I put a pan
away. These Protect a Pan covers go on and come off quickly and easily, they
completely cover the whole surface, and they fit securely on the pan. Barb P. Chicago IL

Daughter just received protectors and is very happy with them. Thank you. Chris W. Brunswick, MD

Best deal I have ever made. Cannot express how pleased I am. Terry L. North Platte, NE

I Love your product! Protects and saves space. Bobbi S. Dallas, TX

I would not normally buy this product but I felt that if it protected my investment in
Green pan frying pans it would be worth it. They are easy to use and do not slip off
the pans. I think I need another set. Debby, R. Oshawa ON

Very nice to keep cookware from being scratched. Carole J. Nolensville, TN

We love these. These are great items and shipping is fast. On my second set! Bruce M, Ottawa ON

Again I say what a great product. They are great for saving space-I can stack pans
that wouldn't have without the protectors.  Congratulations on your great product!  I
refer to them as my "pan pyjamas". Thanks! Annette N. San Pedro CA

I’m a repeat customer. These are the best. Great space saver to be able to stack
pans. I’ll be buy again! Thank you! Marcus V. Sao Paulo, BRAZIL

I already have ten black pan protectors. Thanks! Dan M. Fresno CA

Second time ordering. Great product and experience. Ernest G. Oldsmar, FL

I will be buying more of these. Very pleased. Nina T, Pittsburgh, PA

I love this product. I have non stick pans that are susceptible to chipping. Not only
does protect a pan keep them from being damaged it also keeps dust and dirt out of
my pans. They are perfect. Donna M. Halifax, NS

Arrived and my wife loves them. Thank you. David T, Salinas, CA

Loved them so much I bought 10! Suzy Z. New York NY

I love these! Will order again. Teresa M, Los Angeles, CA

It has always been annoying that the pans get scratched in storage. I liked mine so
much I purchased them for my children. Arlene, R. Toronto ON

Now I can keep my lovely All Clad LTD from getting scratches on it. Marsha K. Murphysboro, IL

I absolutely love this. It may be my favorite breakfast pan - Nordic Ware egg waffle
pan from Williams Sonoma. The waffles are clearly my kid’s favorite breakfast.
I usually fret about maintaining non-stick surfaces and prefer cast iron skillets.
However, there is no substitute for this pan. My one suggestion would be to
purchase a Protect-A- Pan brand elastic cloth pan cover for storage purposes. It
keeps the two pieces together and prevents them from getting banged up. Especially great for two piece pans like an interlocking frittata pan or waffle makers. Trevor M, New York, NY